Artistic Differences

Richard Burton
Was notably curt on
Whether Philip of Macedon's fate
Was to be upstaged by his Alexander the Ingrate.

Credit: United Artists


Barren Yarns

Hieronymus Karl Friedrich, Freiherr von Münchhausen,
Gehört einer Kette Brünchhausen.
Zwar war das Deutsch hoch, doch,
Aber gerochen haben die Fische ziemlich höher noch.


or do you prefer

Baron Munchausen
Told tall tales ten to the dozen
Of djinns, houris and caliphs,
But never of bankers and bailiffs.

Gustave Doré


Doctor, No?

Roger Moore,
The Beeb claimed, felt it a bore
To attempt the Bond sex scenes aged 58.
Roger No More was to be his fate.

RIP, Sir Roger


The Ingenious Mechanick

John Joseph Merlin,
With figurative moustachios atwirling
And mechanical gaming machinations,
Aroused in Georgians disturbing sensations.

Gainsborough, 1792




Increased Propensity to Flag-Waving

Sunny 9th of May
Humming Europe Day's anthem
It's all Owed To Joy

or do you prefer

Feeling high pressure
Strumming Europe Day's anthem
Owed to Beethoven

© Banksy



May the Running Commence

Doctor Who
As a companion never took a Shih Tzu.
He thought its paws
Too tiny for running down corridors.

credit: Melanie Dullinger

or might you prefer

Doctor Who
In his TARDIS had room for a zoo.
But felt morally conflicted
If not temporally afflicted.

credit: BBC

or perhaps even

Doctor Who
To a Dalek said "Noooo;
Me you cannae exterminate
For a wee new Who will germinate."

credit: BBC